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2nd January
written by Todd Harrison

This is a super powerful little circuit when playing an online game that logs you out of the game after not sensing any key strokes for a minute or two.  Being I put this circuit in Wii shaped mint tin I called it the Wii Wand of Power. 

It’s just a simple timing circuit made of discreet elements that engages a reed relay ever 25 sec.  This relay in turn closes a circuit in my keyboard for the left arrow key.  Being this external circuit is self powered I can simply turn it on when I want a game or application to think I’m at my computer when I’m not. I know there are software hacks that can do this and I did try a lot of them but this particular on line game I play had a way to block such software hacks.  I had to go old school, which is not hard for an old guy, and do it with hardware.


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