9th October
written by Todd Harrison

Just a short update video letting my YouTube subscribers and Blog followers know why I haven’t been posting content for about the past 1/2 year. My next post will be a video update on the Kenwood TS-520S HF Ham Radio Arduino Frequency Counter PART 5. So you can look forward to that shortly. As always – “Thanks for joining, subscribing, following and thumbs up ratings.

Link to Steve’s website: http://www.kv6o.com/

In the video I mention I will post an inventory list of my vacuum tube collection so if a viewer needs one they can submit a request. I don’t have the list ready but when I do I will post a link to a PDF below and try to keep the file updated.

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30th March
written by Todd Harrison

This is PART 4a (there is a part 4b below) of the project “Arduino Frequency Display For a Kenwood TS-520S HF Ham Radio”. This part covers switching to a new front end circuit as seen used by the DFD2 frequency counter from “Almost All Digital Electronics”. Their website is http://aade.com/DFD2inst/DFD2inst.htm

All parts: (PART 4), (PART 3), (PART 2), (PART 1)


This is PART 4b of the project “Arduino Frequency Display For a Kenwood TS-520S HF Ham Radio”. This part covers testing the circuit and frequency counter software when connected to the Kenwood radio but still on a bread board. The final display is not ready so in this video I simply push the frequence counts to the laptop.


Here is the datasheet for the PLL chip I used in (PART 4). Other datasheets can be found in (PART 1).

74HC4046 Phase-Locked Loop with VCO (PDF)

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25th March
written by Todd Harrison

OttLite LED 2-in-1 Magnifier Floor and Table Lamp Review

I liked it quite a lot. I will report back here if my option changes for any reason.



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