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22nd September
written by Todd Harrison

This is an epic video on all my efforts to fix my radio out of my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a limited edition Jeep with a very nice CD/Radio sound system but for about 10 years now the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) has been dead although the radio and CD work fine. This meant my only headache was I never knew what station I was on. But after setting the stations who cares, right? Well it drove my daughter nuts because she likes to channel surf and after having the battery disconnected it was a challenge to find and set the stations again.

This is the radio/CD player that I need to fix. Only the display is broke so how challenging could that be? VERY! I guess I’m not too good at fixing VFDs.

This is the display that does not seem to be getting power or functioning.

After unplugging the display panel PCB I had access to the board headers off the main radio. The silk screening on the display panel PCB had labels that told me the pins that were for 5v and 12v.  I powered up the radio using my 12v supply to simulate the car battery being connected then used some jumper wires to probe 5v and 12v pins going to the display panel PCB. All checked just fine.


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