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30th April
written by Todd Harrison

Tutorial using a Tripp-lite IS1000 isolation transformer.

  1. What I bought for my tech bench.
  2. Some models and prices of isolation transformers.
  3. How to alter a public version into a tech version.
  4. Helpful tips on using your oscilloscope safely with and without an isolation transformer.
  5. How to be a little safer when working with high voltage live mains


These would be good tech isolation transformers that don’t need to be modified:
4.30A isolation transformer, 115/115VAC, 500VA
4.00A benchtop isolation transformer, 115/115VAC, 450VA
2.50A isolation transformer, 120VAC/120VAC, 300VA
1.25A isolation transformer, BK Precision BK1604A
0.43A isolation transformer, 115VAC, 50VA

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3rd April
written by Todd Harrison

A video on how to tune your own piano using an oscilloscope. I think it’s an interesting use of an oscilloscope!

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