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29th November
written by Todd Harrison

These are links to other fun YouTube Channels, blogs and forums.


I really love the EEV Blog - Forum and YouTube Channel


The Amp Hour



Lou is a mechanical engineer who shares many projects and knowledge on his site
One of Lou’s electronic videos is on how to build a motor



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27th November
written by Todd Harrison

G35 LED Christmas Light Review and Teardown

In this write up & video I review the “GE Color Effects” G35 multi colored LED Christmas lights 50 count. I will cover product details, hanging hints and show a teardown and give some links to great hacks at the end.

UPDATE 11/30/2012: My new video “G35 LED Christmas Lights – A Simple Parallel Sync Hack

UPDATE: new links to other hackers at the end of this post!!!

You get to pick from 14 sequence patterns using a wireless controller.  Hacking these lights using Arduino is already very popular so I will be linking to some good hack posts below. In a later video I will be trying some of the known hacks and some of my own.

Link to the GE product page for these lights

In the box you get the below:

40.8 feet of lights
50 lights spaced at 10 inches
50 rain gutter clips, 50 base clips
Radio controller with 14 light patters

CLICK TO READ ALL —>: (more…)

23rd November
written by Todd Harrison

Short episode showing what turned out to be a simple fix to get a 5 disk Sony CD player running like new.  One more product saved from the landfill!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you to make sure your optics were clean? Buddy boy!



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