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27th July
written by Todd Harrison

Just a short intro to my latest project replacing my heater core on my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’m not going to film this whole replacement project.

Here is a link to my old posting of the engine rebuild on the same Jeep.

If you want to learn more about car repair then check out these great YouTube Channels:
Eric the car guy  at:
Brian’s mobile 1 at:


Old heater core



Rusted out top



Flap position when set to heat



Flap position when set to cold and the AC is running. This blocks off the heater core.


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25th July
written by Todd Harrison

Music By: Eric Skiff
8-bit Tune: “All of Us”


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21st July
written by Todd Harrison

I was a pebble watch Kickstarter backer and had picked orange. They just recently started shipping the orange models.

I thought I was running Android v2.4 but that is my software number not my OS version. My phone lists the firmware version as the Android OS version which reports as v2.1 and I would need OS v2.3 or higher to work with the pebble.

I will be getting a new phone in a month or so and it should work just fine then, my fail!

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