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31st March
written by Todd Harrison

I updated my tech bench with 4 shelves and 32 outlets! In the past I stacked my tech gear like it was in a Dr. Seuss book and I shared 1 outlet for all my gear. I finally got sick of the mess and inconvenience.

This video is showing my wiring install and shelving choices. I do cover reasons I picked curtain solutions and at the end is a tour of all my tech gear.

Below, behind me in the photo, is what my tech bench looked like in the past. What a mess! Very difficult to use or power anything.

The starting point of the video was when the shelf brackets were installed and so were 2 of the 3 junction boxes.

I’m routing the power from the old spot to this new junction box that will be above the first shelf and easy to reach. The left box is for the overhead light switch as well as the switch for the old corded power rail at my tool bench to the left of my tech bench. I cut the plug off the old corded power rail, tined the braded wire and secured the cord at the lower part of the junction box. The larger box on the right is for my GFI outlet and a switch to turn on/off all the power at the tech bench


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18th March
written by Todd Harrison

My wife bought a candelabra LED style bulb to test in one of our chandeliers. We had hoped to drop from using 40 watt incandescent to 2 watt LED bulbs.

That would be a saving of 228 watts in one chandelier and throughout our house the swap would have a total savings of 570 watts. Not a bad idea but the one we bought to test died in less than 2 weeks. It might have only been one week even.

I thought it would be fun to dissect it and see how it failed and maybe how it worked. Here is the video:

What better way to dissect electronics than with a hammer. “I got me’amer” – Photonic Induction.

It hammered apart quite nicely without any damage to the innards.


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7th March
written by Todd Harrison

This is footage of the (SARC) Superstition Amateur Radio Club’s tower in Mesa, AZ.

Our ham radio club has used this tower and antenna for many years but it is now in need of repairs. The club wanted some footage to help plan the repairs. The buzzing in the shack is an over voltage alarm which will be fixed with the repairs along with a new antenna.

More information on the SARC website at:,_Inc._147.12

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