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3rd April
written by Todd Harrison

A friend has a Coleman hot tub from 1994 and the controller has failed. It’s a strange failure and I think I can modify the controller and add a hacked in a cheap Chinese┬átemperature control module along with a switch to turn the jets on/off while still using 90% of the original control board.

In part 1 of 4 video I’m going to review the hot tub failure and a possible hack solution.

In part 2 of 4 video I setup a test rig and evaluate what is functional and reusable on the original control board. Then I test out an override hack that will let me control the defunct features using a simple 5 volt control line.

In part 3 of 4 video I test the final hacked hot tub control at the bench.

In part 4 of 4 video I test the hack in the hot tub and heat up the 300 gallon tub using my 2005 DIY Redneck Pool Heater from 72F to 104F in 50 minutes.

Link to my 2005 DIY Redneck Pool Heater

bigclivedotcom video I refer to in my video

Where I purchased my Chinese temperature control module

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