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27th March
written by Todd Harrison

This is a video post on how to take your laptop apart and fix a broken power jack. It also includes some useful DIY repair tips and tricks. This is a very common failure with laptops because users trip over the cords. You could score a nice laptop off EBay for under $50 with nothing more wrong with it than a power jack. This video will show you one simple way to fix such a problem.

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19th March
written by Todd Harrison
This is Part 4. You may want to read (part1), (part2) & (part3) first.
I’m trying something new. This posting will be a video blog posting. All the content is in the video. I’m limited to 15 minute videos on YouTube so I had to split the content into two clips (1a & 1b).
It is be kind of a trouble shooting tutorial slash what am I trying next video. I will also post some photos and links as normal but let me know if you like the video format better. I know the camera and sound sucks but I have to use the equipment I have which is a 15 year old Sony digital 8 Handycam with built-in mic. Sad I know.
After the videos are some oscilloscope screen shots of some test points and what they mean.
(oscilloscope screen shots
yellow trace: ch1 (+ test point)
blue trace: ch2 (ground plane at rectifier)
red trace: (ch1 – ch2)
((This first screen shot is the signal across the bridge rectifier showing full rectification as the 152v peek-to-peek (20v to 172v) pulsing DC red trace. The math is displayed on the right for the red trace. I disconnected the bridge rectifier from the circuit so no filter caps are present to smooth out the dc pulses.))

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