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24th December
written by Todd Harrison

Holiday Sun Jar

This is a detailed instructional post so you can make yourself a Holiday Sun Jar, which will bottle the sun and use it’s energy as a natural “green” nightlight.

A “Holiday Sun Jar” is just a Ball Mason glass jar painted with a holiday scene and the guts of a cheap solar powered walkway light affixed to the underside of the lid. The solar panel charges the battery during the day and at night the sun jar puts out a soft glowing light for about 8 hours.  This was a very fun family project and makes for a great gift for Christmas or any other occasion, just pick an appropriate scene.


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13th December
written by Todd Harrison

If you’re new to electronics or just never really grasped decibel units (dB’s) you MUST watch this GREAT tutorial  posted at the EEVblog . 

Decibels (dB’s) for Engineers

Graph in dB units

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