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18th May
written by Todd Harrison

I took my kids to the meteor crater in Arizona USA on May 3rd 2014. I though it would be fun to share a few minutes of the HD footage I took of the meteor crater. The wind noise was very bad, sorry. If you can’t visit Meteorcrater in AZ someday then please enjoy my little tour of the crater. More details about the impact at Meteorcrater.


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22nd February
written by Todd Harrison

Let’s set the scene. It is Thanksgiving Day, the table is set, the food is ready, and your wife breaks two cork screw pullers in the cork of the wine bottle.  How do you get the cork out without digging it out and making a complete mess? Solution: Simple! Use three rolls of electrical tape, lockjaw pliers, one extra large adjustable wrench and a crowbar. Clamp the locking pliers onto whatever remands of the broken cork screw. Then find three people crazy enough to cooperate while one person levers up on the pliers using the crowbar resting on the wrench around the neck of the bottle. So crazy it had to work.

Wine Bottle Cork Puller.Still002


Wine Bottle Cork Puller.Still004


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27th July
written by Todd Harrison

Just a short intro to my latest project replacing my heater core on my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’m not going to film this whole replacement project.

Here is a link to my old posting of the engine rebuild on the same Jeep.

If you want to learn more about car repair then check out these great YouTube Channels:
Eric the car guy  at:
Brian’s mobile 1 at:


Old heater core



Rusted out top



Flap position when set to heat



Flap position when set to cold and the AC is running. This blocks off the heater core.


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