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10th January
written by Todd Harrison

This is a Mid 1970’s model 4802 Howard Miller grandfather clock “floor clock” that I’m going to service and get working again.
Clock movement imported from Germany.
I won the bid for the clock for $875.
I contacted Howard Miller and was informed the S/N matched a 1970’s 88″ tall 5 tubular weight driven floor clock.
My movement is a No. 190 Westminster 5 Tubular Chime Weight-driven Arabic numbered.


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27th November
written by Todd Harrison

This is my video review of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quadcopter by Air Hogs.
I got this for my birthday and have greatly enjoyed flying it about the house for about 2 months now.

The controller uses 6 AA’s (not included).
The controller can’t use rechargeable batteries “They say”! :(
The Falcon uses 3.7v LiPo battery which is not replaceable (included).


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8th November
written by Todd Harrison

Yes, I should grow up but that’s never going to happen. I will be uploading a tear down video of the Falcon in an up coming video. Stay tuned for that if you’re into electronics fun. This is a very fun drone for indoor flying but science and curiosity calls for a tear down. Sorry Falcon.

If you want your own Millennium Falcon Drone please use this Amazon store link at no additional cost to you. I get a tiny bit of the sale price which helps make more fun videos. Thanks.

I never even got close to the little hummingbird so I’m hoping people that are concerned read these show notes. I got this video in one shot so the birds didn’t even get upset. They were right back to using the feeder in about an hour.

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