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4th April
written by Todd Harrison

This video covers beginner’s tips and tricks on ham radio fox hunting and includes details to build a DIY yagi antenna.

In the last 3 minutes of the video 4 young kids go out to rescue the poor lost Easter Bunny and his basket of candy. The Easter bunny is wearing a radio transmitter so this fox hunt becomes an Easter Sunday bunny rescue. The boys did great and had no problem learning to use a ham radio and directional antenna to locate the lost bunny.

Our fox, aka bunny, was the Byonics micro-Fox 15 which is a 15mw transmitter in the 2 meter ham band. This fox is sold by a company local to my area on I will do a review and tutorial of the micro-Fox 15 in a follow up video.

Where to buy the fox:  Byonics

How to build this yagi antenna: Dupage Amateur Radio Club

Link to tape measure yagi:

Material for yagi antenna that I build in the video:
6 feet schedule 40 PVC
1 schedule 40 PVC Tee
2 tie wires
6 feet RG58 coax cable
2 21 inch long brash rods 3/16 diameter rod
1 35 inch long aluminum 3/16 diameter rod
1 40 inch long aluminum 3/16 diameter rod


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