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10th October
written by Todd Harrison

I scored a Fluke 289 from CraigsList for $275 and not just the 289 digital millimeter but a nearly mint in the box full FVF combo kit. That includes the carry bag, Fluke View Plus Design, data cable, magnet hanger and a nicely printed Fluke View manual.

This is a super clean “used for two weeks” 289! How cool is that? I’m shooting this video in the “Hunters great kill” style of course but also to ask my viewers how interested they are in a front to back, full feature review of the 289 including comparison to my Fluke 87-V workhorse.

I’m also asking for feedback from my viewers if they would like a teardown video of both these meters. Not sure how good I would be at a teardown but I’ve watched a lot of EEVBlog meter teardowns and could try my hand at a multimeter teardown video. Not sure that makes me qualified but I’m the guy with the camera right.

I also give the viewers a peek at my “DMMCheck Plus” reference check tool. I used it to make sure the 289 was working well and that it was still well within its calibration specifications before I dropped the money on the table. Makes one feel a lot better knowing the meter is testing good against a known good reference source whether you’re buying a multimeter or just checking your gear.  I’m going to do a full review of the “DMMCheck Plus” in another video. I purchased this tool myself so it will not be a paid infomercial, I really do like the “DMMCheck Plus” and it is very handy.

I learned about this tool from Martin Lorton’s channel. Here is a video link where Martin uses the DMMCheck:

My 9yr old son Alex was the camera man again. I have hacked up all my camera gear to make an all new overhead camera gantry and it’s still in the works so I needed help. Alex says he really wants to see the teardown. Right, I think I best keep my 289 up high. HA!

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5th October
written by Todd Harrison

Teardown of a Model N326 High Voltage Power Supply by Inrad Interactive Radiation, Inc.

I snagged this off eBay for $10 with free shipping. Not sure what I’m gone to do with a 10KV power supply other than do a teardown video. I had to get the electronics out of the case because the case had a thick red paint that was sticky and getting sticky gooey red paint on everything. The paint is factory but it has just gone bad I guess. So here is a teardown video and a bunch of high res photos.

photo gallery: CLICK PHOTO for gallery view and click a SECOND time for hi-resolution image

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