24th February
written by Todd Harrison

Rebuild your 1979 Jeep CJ7 2 barrel carburetor

This is a collection of photos I took when rebuilding a friend’s carburetor. He had two and both where previously rebuilt or reassembled incorrectly.

Start by going to NAPA or other auto parts store and getting a carb rebuild kit ~$20 and a new float ~$12. Make SURE the rebuild kit has not been opened because these get bought for just one broken bit and returned to NAPA for a refund WITH THE PARTS MISSING that you will need. Pictured here is the Choke.

You will follow the rebuild kit instruction to the “T”. DO NOT skip any steps or reuse old parts which are in the new kit. I like to clean everything up with brake cleaner before reassembly. Pictured here is the Step-up piston linkage

Throttle linkage

Throttle linkage and plug
Hose to Choke diaphragm pull off
Choke linkage
bottom view of carb
Original screw settings
Original linkage positions
bowl vent and step-up piston screws and linkage
Top view of bowl vent and step-up piston linkage
bowl vent spring and linkage (see dirt in bottom of bowl!!!)
See dirt in bottom of bowl -BAD
Closer photo after removing set screws
close up with pump counter shaft removed
step-up piston assembly
side view of step-up piston
back side of step-up piston (note spring in wrong position!) This is how I found it.
View of bowl vent, top of accelerator pump saft and spring under step-up piston
Center is accelerator pump and spring, brass is the floats. Note original damage to main fuel jet in center just above lower float!
Retainer spirng and floats, Note MISSING main fuel jet just to the lower right of float!
Damaged main fuel jet. I tried to remove it too so there is fresh damage as well.
Missing main fuel jet on other side of bowl!!!
Photo of disassembled carb bits. I recommend using these convenient plastic bins during disassemble because you can close the lid and get back to the project later without losing parts and you simply follow the bins in reverse order for a simple step by step reassemble.
Disassembled carb bits from lower left to upper right.
Work area, seen is main throttle body and choke.
Parts cleanup area

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