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11th October
written by Todd Harrison

This is my honking pumpkin project to scare Trick-Or-Treaters. The little monsters will not be able to resisted pressing the red button on the pumpkins nose which will trigger the eyes to glow for a second and just when they think that’s it a set of 105 decibel car horns hidden in the pumpkin will blast and send them running.

For the most part my plan worked on Halloween 2008 but I built it fast and with some cheap parts. What follows is documentation of my re-build to remove some heinous false triggering and general improvements. Enjoy the below videos and photos.

Parts list is at the very bottom and here is a link to the circuit:  –>circuit

Special thanks go to my inspiration for this project by an original design posted by Marc de Vinck Oct 28, 2008 at

UPDATE 10/15/2009: Installed BIG RED button which is much more tempting don’t you think?



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