30th May
written by Todd Harrison
This is the 2nd of 2 videos.  This video is a product review video of an automatic butt washing and drying toilet by TOTO named “Neorest 500”. You can get one delivered from Amazon for about $2300. Earlier I uploaded the first video covering the installation.


  1. Gavin

    Hi Todd,

    I loved your two videos about the Toto Neorest 500. I am seriously considering one of these but have a question I hope you can answer.

    Initially I was considering purchasing one of Toto’s Washlet seats (S300 or S400), however on both of these a common complaint was the cleaning nozzle did not come out far enough for them to work properly. It would spray part of their crack. In order to get the nozzle positioned properly, they would have to sit towards the back of the seat.

    Is this the case for the Neorest 500 as well?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


  2. 07/02/2012

    @Gavin, Yes, same problem for girls only… I hear. I’m not a girl so I can’t test that feature.

  3. Gavin

    Thank you Todd for the information.

    I have a couple follow up questions.

    1. What do the ladies say the solution is? Sitting farther back, leaning a bit forward (if so how much/difficult), or a bit of both?

    2. Would you make the purchase again?

    Thanks again for the great review, and your time in answering my questions.


  4. 08/02/2012

    @ Galvin, From what I hear the ladies just don’t use that option. They can sit back and lean forward if they wanted to but it is just too much bother I have heard. I think these toilets are designed with tiny Japanese girls not normal sized American girls. Ha.

    I would buy it again because I love the powerful flushing and automated features. The toilet lid is always down because it flushes itself and closes the lid all on its own. Great for the marriage.

    I don’t use the air dry option because I still wipe before and after using the hot water wash. Best thing ever in toilet design if you ask me.

    It has a built in air deodorizer and the screen has to be pulled out and washed once a month or it gets clogged.

    It has a water filter too but I have not had to clean that filter yet, but it is easy to clean.

    One last thing while I’m at it. The next size up in these toilets is a bit longer and I would buy that next time even if the price is a lot more. We got the model that is a bit shorter because we were thinking the added 4 inch length of the larger model would be a bit much in the bathroom but really it would not have and it would have given more sitting and frontal room.

    I see you can get these from Amazon and they will drop it off right at your door. That would have saved us a lot of money over buying it at a retail store.

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