6th May
written by Todd Harrison

My 8yr old son, Alex, practices his spelling words in Morse code every night. He gets 50 homework points for coding his spelling words in any way he likes so why not learn Morse code at the same time, right?

Until now he has been using my Fluke 87v multi meter with an old J-38 Morse key. When the Fluke is set to continuity it works great as the buzzer. I have many other meters with a continuity setting but only the Fluke 87v has a fast enough continuity tester to match my son’s practice speed.

I really wanted my Fluke back on my tech bench so we found a circuit he could build himself to use as the buzzer in place of my Fluke.

Alex is the host for this video and he seemed to have a lot of fun making the circuit and the video. GOOD JOB Alex!

This is the circuit Alex builds in his video to replace the beeping my meter was doing in his old setup.

He started off with a great introduction on why he was learning Morse code.




Each week he has to convert his spelling words into a code for homework so he picked Morse.

Below is his old setup using my Fluke multi meter as a $300 buzzer.

In this book we found a replacement buzzer circuit to use.

Details found on page 103 of “Science and Communication Circuits & Projects” by Forrest M. Mims III.

Alex did give a nice overview of the circuit he was assembling.

A little soldering of the wires and components to a bit of perfboard but don’t forget the safety eyewear!

Alex had to drill some pilot holes to secure the circuit board and salvaged speaker with screws to a project board.


Using the 100K adjustable potentiometer (pot) Alex had some fun piercing my eardrums with high frequency squeals.

Video conclusion.

Thanks for joining!

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