29th October
written by Todd Harrison

Spoiler: This hack didn’t work! But the 2nd build did work! Click to see working Bazooka Halloween Fog Machine

I wanted to convert my commercial fog machine that fills a room with a fine fog but can’t be used outdoors into a spooky low ground fog machine. I have seen others on YouTube do this with dry ice.  I wanted to do it with just a bucket of normal ice with maybe salt water mix to chill the 200 degree C smoke that comes out of my machine. Then the smoke should hang low to the ground in our outdoor Halloween graveyard.

This is my fog machine.

My idea was to pipe the fog into this coil in a bucket.

Add some ice.

Add some salt water so the mix will help keep the coils real cold.

Hook up the fog machine to the chiller and let the cold smoke start lofting out from under the plastic sheet taped to the garage floor.

FAIL!!! All that happen is I chilled my fog back down into a liquid and then plugged up the coil.

I tried a shorter loop.

Nope!! It too just spat out fog liquid.

In the end of the video I explain my failure and how the others on the internet using a fog machine like mine and got it to work. The hot fog is just warming their dry ice they have in a bucket and the dry ice fog is what you see coming out the other side of their rigs. You don’t need a fog machine to make that work, just a blower, box of dry ice and something to warm the dry ice. I guess it works but not the way I thought it was working. Here is a link to a hack where somebody used a similar fog machine and a box of dry ice. YouTube link: Low Fog Machine – Ground Fogger

But really if you’re going to use dry ice than just do like Kipkay did and build a Mighty Mini Fog Maker because that is all you are really doing anyway. Just heating dry ice and blowing it out a hose.

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