16th November
written by Todd Harrison

As I said in the last video I wasn’t to happy with how smooth or straight the cart was with the 6 little wheels and the one rail. I found that local garage repair companies recycle several old garage doors daily included wheels, brackets and tracks. I contacted one and they didn’t even want to charge me to pickup some scrap track. So this build just got a whole lot cheaper and with two tracks for the camera cart it solved my smoothness issue as well as my camera swing. Check out the video and a few photos below. But first you may want to check out my first whack at this camera gantry where I show more of the welding, cutting and setup.

The new tracks welded to the old center rail.

Below is the new cart for the camera to hang from.

New and improved double sled system in action!

Camera and tripod bolted to the new inner sled slash cart slash truck. What ever you think is best to call it.

Just the slightest touch and the camera now takes off. Much smoother than the old cart.

Easy to setup for a bench shot!

Now I can get any angle without the tripod legs under foot. NICE!

And this works great as an inspection microscope and I was even able to solder under it while zoomed. Just about as good as an optical stereo microscope and I could take footage as I repair or build in this mode.  So maybe even better than a real microscope with $0 added cost really.

This is what I see while in inspection mode with my Sony handycam CX-160 and just a bit of zoom.

The new sled, bottom view with tripod mounted. Notice I welded the washers to the wing-nuts to make that job easier. Why not right!

How the ends of the new tracks look where they meet the old garage door tracks.

Same spot looking up.

Same spot looking mostly down from above the garage door tracks.

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