6th June
written by Todd Harrison

In this 2 part product review I examine in detail all the features and performance of the TENMA 72-7745 multi-meter. Part 1 is an intro with a full feature and performance review excluding the PC software and battery performance, which are in part 2. Also in part 2 is a complete teardown where I find that the PCB is actually for a UNI-T UT60E.

If you want to know as much as possible about this meter or the UNI-T UT60E for that matter then check out the below specifications and the two videos.


$54.49 promo sale, normal $90.45

The price has went up to $64 but that is still a great price for a meter with these features that includes PC data logging. The temperature probe and the meter probes where very poor but once replaced the meter performed quite well and I was very happy with this multimeter.


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TENMA 72-7745 (UNI-T UT60E) Specifications:

Auto ranging: yes

Manual ranging option: yes (but not in capacitance mode)

Meter count: 4000 counts

True RMS: yes

DC volts: 400mV ±0.8%+3, 4/40/400V ±0.8%+1, 1000V ±1.0%+3

AC volts: 4/40/400V ±1.0%+5, 750V ±1.2%+5

DC amps: 400/4000µA ±1%+2, 40/400mA ±1.2%+3, 4/10A ±1.5%+5

AC amps: 400/4000µA ±1.5%+5, 40/400mA ±2%+5,4/10A ±2.5%+5

DC + AC measurement mode: no

Resistance: 400Ω ±1.2%+2, 4k/40k/400k ±1.0%+2, 4M ±1.2%+2, 40MΩ ±1.5%+2

Conductivity: no

Diode test: yes (1.48v)

Continuity test: yes (not latched but fast)

Capacitance: 40nF ±3%+10, 400nF/4/40µF ±3%+5, 100µF ±4%+5

Frequency: 10Hz – 10MHz (< 30v rms) (5Hz-400Hz on V/A switch range)

Duty cycle: 10Hz – 10MHz (< 30v rms) (5Hz-400Hz on V/A switch range)

Temperature: yes (Celsius only) -40C to 1000C

Min/Max options: no

Data hold: yes (not auto, have to press hold button)

Relative mode: yes (only auto ranges in Cap mode)

Automatic power off (APO): no

Overload protection: yes (not the best, I say CAT II or lower only!)

Input Impedance for DC Voltage ~10M ohms

Battery life: ~250 hours

Battery low indication: yes (< 3.6v)

Powered: 9v battery

Fuse protected: yes (All ranges uA, mA and A)

PC interface connection: yes (rs232 optical linked)

PC data logging software: yes (very


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