22nd June
written by Todd Harrison

Video: Product Review


Video: Testing & Teardown



LED datasheet

Product website CandelabraBulb.com or just search Amazon for Sexy LEDs

Another great YouTube channel that reviews LED blubs is ElectronUpdate’s YouTube channel



Candelabra bulb style in E12 sockets

4 Watt LED with 50 Watt equivalent light output 400 Lumens

Style is flame or round tip

Comes in gold or silver base


Life span is 12 years at 6.8hrs/day or 30,000 hours.

80% more efficient then incandescent

Soft, warm white light (2700 k)

Hidden heat sink


Return on Investment:

5 watt x 6 hours per day usage x 365 days = 10.95 kWh.

At 12 cents per kWh it will cost $1.32 a year to operate.

Subtract that from the $10.50 cost to run a 40 watt bulb saves you $9 per yr.

I have 16 bulbs so I will save $144 per year.

The current cost for 16 bulbs is ~$416 so I would get 100% ROI in 2.8 years.


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