9th January
written by Todd Harrison

This is the complete tear down and restoration of a 1976 pong clone game console called “Name Of The Game I” model A-100 by Allied Leisure Industries Inc. In the video you will see I expose a little old school video voodoo, at least that is what I’m going to call it because I have no idea how it works. I’m sure some people know why tuners are build like this so please feel free to educate me a little on the subject.

I found this pong clone so I could restore it and give it to my sister for Christmas because we used to have this very game as kids. If you’re interested you should watch part 1 which covers the product review and video of my Sister receiving the game she never thought she would ever see again. Below the video are lots of photos.

Photo Gallery

CLICK PHOTO for gallery view and click a SECOND time for hi-resolution image. Click thumbnails on lower right and lower left of gallery to navigate gallery photos.


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