3rd March
written by Todd Harrison
In this video I put up a 20 meter band Delta Sky Loop Antenna with lighting arrestor to use with my HackRF One software defined radio.
I then demonstrate good reception from all over the USA as far away as 1500 miles using SDR Console software version 2 by SDR-Radio
I was able to use CW, AM, FM (narrow & wide) modes on HF and VHF without problems. The software is a bit difficult but I cover some tips in the video that worked for me.
My sky loop antenna was ~128feet long tuned for 1.2:1 SWR at 14.07 MHz
Hoping to use the HackRF for PSK and JT9 at 30 mW TX

Amazon store links:
100 ft RG8X COAX CABLE for CB / Ham Radio w/ PL259 Connectors
LIGHTNING ARRESTOR for CB or Ham Base Antennas
MIG Welding Wire, 4043, .030, Spool
Talented Balun by James Sanders (AG6IF)
Search for AG6IF on http://www.qrz.com
SDRConsole (V2)
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