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14th June
written by Todd Harrison

Video of some pinball parts unboxing for my Bally Star Trek. I also explanation what the parts are for and my plan on using them.

See my last post for a lot of relevant pinball links: Bally Star Trek Pinball Cleanup (Part 1 & 2)

IPDB Data on my Bally Star Trek
Everything you could ever want to know about restoring pinball machines:

Major parts suppliers:
Board repair service:


Ratchet crimp tool and link on how to best use this tool:

Connector removal tool

Best cleaner for dirty cabinets

Novus cleaner and polish

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


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6th June
written by Todd Harrison

See below video and links to vendors, parts I ordered, parts I want to order and board repair services. Also below is a high resolution photo gallery of my pinball machine and the play field disassemble.

<Video part 1 of 2>

<Video part 2 of 2>

Data on my Bally Star Trek:

Everything you could ever want to know about restoring pinball machines:

Major parts suppliers:
Board repair service:

Playfield restoration steps I think I will follow
0. Strip playfield of stuff.
1. Blow off playfield with compressed air and Vacuum
2. Clean with Super Clean or Mean Green enough to remove surface dirt
3. Wipe down with Naptha (lighter fluid)
4. Clean deep cracks with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and with Iso Alcohol
5. Wipe down again with Naptha
6. Touch up with water based acrylic paint
7. Wipe down with Naptha
8. If not using full coverage Mylar shield then your best option is to apply automotive urethane clear coat but if you can’t then use 5 coats of water-based Minwax polyurethane
(Jeri says to use water based spray on Varathane in a can but once used you can’t apply alcohol, naptha or it will cloud the Varathane).
(Jeri says you can always clean off the Varathane with lots of naptha (lighter fluid) or goo gone.)
(I think I can also clear coat it with Krylon Triple-Thick 12 oz. spray can, I’m not sure of my best option yet.)
Clean off PF with compressed air
Spray a misting coating
Lightly sand with 600 grit
Wipe down with Naptha
Repeat four more times
9. Orbital sand with 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 grit sandpaper
10. Finish last polish with Novus 2
11. Wax twice with Wild Cat #125 or Johnson Paste Wax or (Best option for my pin Blitz Carnauba Paste Wax) – from:
12. Buff with buffing pad to a high gloss finish
13. If you used automotive clear code instead of water-based Minwax polyurethane or Varathane then you don’t need Mylar protectors.
otherwise put down your Mylar for bumpers and sling shots.
14. replace all playfield stuff.
Bally Star Trek parts:


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6th June
written by Todd Harrison

Video, photos and links below…


Here is a great video on how to replace the Transmission and Brake Assembly

You will really need this Spanner wrench!
Clothes Washer Wrench w/ Adapter – TB123A

Bearing 6205-2RS-1
The ‘-1’ is important, it means 1 inch inner diameter

If you damage or lose the spiral retention springs I have been told these fit this machine. J&E WRIST PIN RETAINER SPIRAL 1.081 IN. DIAMETER .042 IN. THICK # 990-042-CS $2.50 for 1 from Pit-Stop-Gang on ebay.

GE WH02X10032 Tub Seal
This is the tub seal I used in my washer repair video to fix the top loading GE washer.

You should always install a new tub seal!
Make sure to put the tub seal in using
Permatex 20539 Indian Head Gasket Shellac Compound
Use lots on seal to tub, not seal to shaft.
This will help keep the seal from leaking between the tub and seal.

Blaster 16-PB Penetrating oil
Put this on some stuck or rusted nuts and let soak for an hour or overnight. Must nuts and bolts will come right off! Way better than simple WD-40.

Photo Gallery

CLICK PHOTO for gallery view and click a SECOND time for hi-resolution image. Click thumbnails on lower right and lower left of gallery to navigate gallery photos.

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