20th November
written by Todd Harrison

This is my video review of the ISO-TIP #7700 rechargeable battery soldering iron. You can watch my whole video as well as the linked in video reviews by Big Clive and Martin below. I do recommend this solder iron and I have links below to my Amazon store which does go to help fund my blog (thanks). ┬áIt works very good for all jobs requiring less than ~120 joints. Over 120 joints you should use a corded solder station or return the iron to it’s charging cradle between joints to keep it nicely topped off. Per my tests it works great for electronics, automotive and pinball repairs.


Products on my Amazon store

MG Chemicals 8341 No Clean Flux Paste, 10 ml Syringe

ISO-TIP Quick Charge – #7700 – Gray

ISO-TIP 60 Pro – #7800 – Yellow

ISO-TIP Power Pro – #7904 – Black

bigclivedotcom review on YouTube

mjlorton review on YouTube

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