23rd May
written by Todd Harrison

If you’re sick of seeing those super cheap tire sale ads in the paper and then finding out after all the install, balancing and shop fees the price doubles well this video might be for you. I have been changing my own car tires for over 10 years using some cheap and simple to use Harbor Freight tools (see links to tools below). Larger truck tires can be a bear but if you’re a big guy you can do those too, I do. In this video I show all the tricks and tips you need to know so the job can go smoothly and you too can buy those tires on sale for $35 to $50 and avoid the shop scam. Well, it is a sales scam but not really a shop scam as you will learn it is a crap ton of hard work and very time consuming so don’t jump into this unless you’re a heavy DIY person.

Links to Tools:
Manual Tire Changer
Portable Wheel Balancer
Wheel Weight Plier Hammer
Valve Stem Puller/Installer
Valve Tool with 4 Valve Cores
1/4 Oz P type wheel weights Bx/50
3/4 Oz P type wheel weights Bx/50
1 Oz P type wheel weights Bx/50
Adhesive Car Truck Tire Wheel Balancing Weights

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