7th November
written by Todd Harrison

This is a time lapse video of my 12 year old son and I cutting down 3 large trees on my families property in North Dakota. The job took about 3 days and I captured about 9 hours of video footage which is played back at 3000% speed with some short normal speed updates.

Enjoyable to watch for kids because of the use of large equipment. My son did all the equipment operating so that was a ton of fun for him. Fun vacation for me too!



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2nd November
written by Todd Harrison

In this video I try to cover just the basic knowledge, skills and tools needed to pick simple locks.

This should help people of any age such as Ray from “Game Room Collectibles” who recently spent a half hour trying to pick some simple locks in last week’s “RAY Files” video with almost no luck.
If you don’t know Ray, he is an amazing pinball technician who posted 57 famous YouTube tech tip videos titled “Ray’s Pinball Tech Tips“. By watching my Lock Picking 101 video Ray as well as anybody else should be able to pick simple locks very fast with just a few hours practice.

Please help support my YouTube channel and blob by purchasing lock pick kits and tools from my Amazon store (links below video). No extra cost to you for using my Amazon Store. Thank You!

MIT Guild to lock picking (pdf)

Amazon Store Links:


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5th September
written by Todd Harrison

This display is really something you would see in a Chiropractic office to show Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System.
Not much to this video  other than some button cleanup with a burnishing tool and a salvaged mains button replacement. I end the video with some bayonet #44 colored LED bulb replacements which did give it some really nice color.


Link to Brian’s Mobile 1 YouTube Channel where I learned about the great burnishing tool that came in so handy. Using simple sandpaper or a file would destroy the contact’s coating making the contacts corrode even faster. With the burnishing tool you just remove the haze or tarnish and then the contact coating can do its best for many more years.


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