15th December
written by Todd Harrison

(part 1 of 2)

A coworker’s mother had irreplaceable data on this Seagate thumb drive.  Normally I would just say sorry you’re out of luck but I thought I would be nice and at least check for a broken wire or trace. 

Turns out it was not a standard solid state thumb drive but an older 6gig micro hard drive.  Cool! If I couldn’t fix it I know I sure would have fun taking it apart.  Such devices normally only come apart but this clever little drive disassembles quite nicely and was easy to clean and put back together. 

READ —>:

No luck getting it to read the platter but if the fault is in the reading mechanism and the disk is not damage I should be able to put the platter in another working unit and read it.

Below I’m pointing at the read/write head in the photo. I hope the read/write head or the circuit is damage and not the platter!

Can you say eBay? If they get me another working Seagate micro drive I will report back to this posting if I have any luck swapping the platters.  Cool fix if it works out.

Update: read (part 2 of 2)

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