23rd December
written by Todd Harrison

(part 2 of 2)

You may want to read part 1 first.

The person whose Seagate micro USB drive I was trying to fix bought a second working unit from eBay for under $20 bucks.

Below are the two Seagate micro USB drives. One working unit from eBay the other not working and needing data recovery if possible.  The task? Switch the platters and hope the working unit will read the old disk.

Disassembling the new unit to get out the platter

READ —>:

Time for the delicate swap.  I feel like Dr. Frankenstein! (I hear evil laughing in the lab!!)

Disk that needs to be recovered going in the known good unit

Spinning up!!!!

NOTHING! *^@&+%$  :(

Yes, I tried several more times but no luck reading the disk. It was a long shot and was worth the $20 but in the end you can’t always win.

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