23rd November
written by Todd Harrison

Model name: Classic Style 50 Mini LED Lights with warm Glow.

Made by: Brite Star

All white, solid, no flash, no patterns.

Each set has 50 lights at 4 inch spacing in a 17 foot strand. You can connect 58 sets for 1000 feet on a singe outlet using just 2.4 watts per set.

This set had a horrible flicker that was maddening and renders these LED lights useless. The camera doesn’t show the horrible 60Hz flicker. However the camera does pickup the lights dimming on and off in groups.

I don’t go into any real review because the lights can’t be used and the problem is the same as the last review “Classic Style C7 Bulbs” were the strand is just 1/2 wave rectified with a small duty cycle given the horrible flicker.

Link: Intro review blog posting on this 3 review set

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