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19th March
written by Todd Harrison

This is (PART 2A & 2B) of the project “Arduino Frequency Display For a Kenwood TS-520S HF Ham Radio”. This part covers small signal amplification of  a 0.2 volt peak-to-peak 5.5 MHz signal into Schmitt triggered NAND gate for cleanup before being cleanly counted by the Arduino. Links to all parts: (PART 1), (PART 2), (PART 3), (PART 4), (PART 5)



Here are the datasheets for the two chips I used in (PART 2)

74HCT132 Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger (PDF)
NE592 video Amplifier (PDF)


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Photo Gallery

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6th March
written by Todd Harrison

I attended the Arizona Repeater Association’s (ARA) February 2014 meeting. They had a guest speaker, Byon Garrabrant, presenting what could be called the definitive lecture on Transmitter Hunting. I have broken the lecture up into 4 parts based on content for easier viewing and reference. In general the 4 parts are:
1. What is Transmitter Hunting
2. Hiding
3. Hunting
4. Closing remarks and High Alt. Balloon Tracking.

There will be a large photo gallery after the videos below if you want to see some items in detail.

I want to thank Byon Garrabrant and the ARA for allowing this content to be distributed publicly for everyone to learn and enjoy.
You can find more about the ARA at their website:
You can contact Byon Garrabrant or purchase his APRS and Fox Hunting gear from his website:

What is Transmitter Hunting or Fox Hunting All About

Transmitter Hiding and Transmitters

Transmitter Hunting and Receivers

Closing Remarks and High Altitude Balloon Tracking

CLICK TO READ ALL —>: (more…)

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