2nd November
written by Todd Harrison

This is PART 5 of the project “Arduino Frequency Display For a Kenwood TS-520S HF Ham Radio”.
Steve Leander from www.kv6o.com picked up where I left off in part 4 and completed the project.
He designed a complete DG5 emulator Arduino shield starting from the prototype circuit and adding 5v power regulation and support of a LCD display. Steve completed the software and shared the BOM list, parts purchase links, circuit drawings and his code (here). Thank you Steve for finishing the DG5 emulator board and Arduino code!

Many thanks also to Larry from YouTube Channel “RadioHamGuy” for helping with testing.
Larry makes many great videos about ham and CB radios. Larry shared his side of the contact on video which is posted below my contact video.

Links to all parts: (PART 1), (PART 2), (PART 3), (PART 4), (PART 5)

<My Video>

<Larry’s Video>



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