25th June
written by Todd Harrison

For about a year now I have been having problems with my DeWALT DC011 radio combo 18v battery pack charger. The problem has been getting worse over time to the point that now the radio fails to work almost 100% of the time. Strange issue is that if I don’t leave the radio plugged in it seem to work for a few hours once plugged in to use it, but if it is left plugged in and turn off the radio fails to play any audio or will play for a few minutes then brown out. I suspect a power issue with voltage regulation or an audio amplifier issue being caused by overheating. In this video I will tear-down and investigate the failure ultimately deciding to build a custom regulator circuit to replace the failing 6v regulator IC for the audio amplifier board.

<video Part 1 of 2>

Desolder iron I used in video
My older product review of the iPhone 5 Flir adapter.

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