19th June
written by Todd Harrison




  1. Ken Gowdy

    Can you recommend an inexpensive stereo zoom microscope for soldering,inspection,repair….?


  2. 20/06/2012

    I have this on my wish list for over a year.

    It has everything spec wise but I’m not sure how good it will be.

    It would need the light attachment but I plan on just building a light attachment until I have the $ for the light attachment.

    If you get this before me let me know how it works.


  3. Ron Hemy

    Hi Todd
    I saw your video on disk Sony CD repair. I have one similar to the one you fixed., Mine is CDP C 75 ES some of the buttons on the face do not work, but will respond via the remote control.
    the #5 disk button responds (cut&paste) stop/pause/open/close/ff/fr all work…..but if you press disc 1, disc 2, disc 3, disc 4, ..nothing .. pressing disc 5 is the only one that works. Shuffle/repeat/music scan/program/time/repeat(other buttons on the face) also do not respond. They will respond from the remote, but not from the controls on the face. The play,fast forward reverse/ pause all work. they are to the right side. I was wonering if I took it apart can you get at the buttons to clean with tuner spray.
    I could use you help here please.
    Thanks Ron

  4. 27/01/2013

    @Ron, On my unit the buttons inside were not cleanable. They were sealed tactile buttons. More importantly you may just have some corrosion on the connecting cable so the first test would be to take it apart and re-set the connecting cables and/or ribbons 3 or 4 times to work the oxidation off the pins. If that doesn’t’ work you can use a DMM and check if the buttons are making continuity all the way back to their respective control ICs while a 2nd person presses the button.

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